My reading styles

Hi Chantelle, how are you today? I am well, but I  had a tough time today at work. I read books other than the ones for class, do you? Have you tried these two books “Gifted Hands by Ben Carson, and the “Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill. They are great, when you have time, please read these books.


Class assignments

Pleasant day Chantelle, I will search for some photographs for our class assignments.

The six days why I did not blog

Hi Chantelle, I know that you have read  my topic. Here are my reasons below:

20th March – I went to the doctor for my eye drops.

21st March – I did one of my projects and had to insert my eye drops, and rest.

22nd March – There was no water, so I did a small amount of house cleaning.

23rd March to present-  Water was restored, and I multi tasked: cooked, cleaned and washed. I have just finished reading Dr. Kumar Mahabir’s book which he  gave us in class.g photo

My reason for blogging at this time

Pleasant morning, Chantelle and Corrine. My reason for blogging at this time is because I was waiting on my medical recommended eye drops. So as soon as I finished one assignment. Doctors orders were to give the eyes some rest. However everything is okay now.

Yesterday was traffic problems, I had a chance to do some assignments. How did the day go for each of you.