Hi Corrine, I have not received any reply from you for my blogs.


Class Assignment

Hi Chantelle, I do hope you feel better soon. I too have not received any information from Corrine.

Group Assignment

Pleasant evening Chantelle, our class was very interesting. Miss said we must concentrate seriously on journals. I was reading on Word Press how a a swarm of bees saved a  woman’s life.  You must check it out it is very interesting.

Shift work

Pleasant day Chantelle, I did not blog because of my funny workload. Shift work, I must say. However, I have some information on our project. Data. I will show you in class this evening.

My Recent Blog

Hi Chantelle, I am having problems with  my DEP (Data Execution Program ) on my computer. It keeps closing all the time, or should I say refreshing.  Prevents me from seeing videos. I keep wondering who is cyber attacking me. It is very annoying. Are you having this type of problem. Did you check out the books which I recommended. I know we are all bogged down with college assignments. When I have to work shift, I do not blog. There is an article on cyber attack we can discuss about that in our blogs.See you in class tomorrow.